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Custom Web Design, Social network integration , Logos, Graphics, Training and on-site support

Are you leveraging trending technology to engage your customer base?

Those scrabble boxes are more than scanner codes used by retailers to track and manage inventory… They make it possible for you give product information to customers that help them say yes! These little boxes, QR Codes, allow tech savvy shoppers to say yes NOW rather than looking it up on Amazon when they get home. They’re here, you worked hard to get them to visit you, why wouldn’t you close the sale on the spot? Learn more

Case in point…

Award winning Florida photographer Rick Pezzimenti needed a website that enabled him to post his latest images on his commercial website, but was frustrated with having to run down his web designer and wait until he got around to updating his portfolio to keep the content fresh. He chose to use a CMS (Content Management System) that allowed him to post new images with the click of a butoon, and hasn’t looked back since… Learn more

Leverage Technology, Keep it real

There’s a balance that is essential to any website that stays on top of the latest technology trends, but manages to remain a direct reflection of the heart and soul of your business… YOU!. We will train you how to update the content of your website with pricing information, specials, news and everthing you are working so hard NOW to achieve, and your website will go into overdrive leveraging social networks, tablets and smart phone apps to tell the world about everything you’ve done today, this week and the weeks to come… Learn more

Carpe You!

Hiring a web designer is as simple as hiring a car mechanic in a strange town. You have immediate needs, you are promised the moon and sun, and at the end of the transaction you feel helpless and unsure of whether or not what you just bought was a wise decision. The reason is simple… you are relying on someone who makes money by volume sales, and with as little time focused on you. Reason? Simply because what works for him or her is selling you a package that they know like the back of their hand and can hire web designer with little to no experience to “spank out” an electronic version of a track home. By the way, they look and feel like track homes because they are modular and impersonal. Our websites are designed for newbies and pros alike, and are built it around your needs and your ability to take control.

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Wordpress is a powerful CMS (content management system) that can be updated by anyone who can open a web broweser and type.

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If you aren't famiiar with using Wordpress and want to update you new website, relax... we'll show you how and your days of relying on "the web guy" for content updates will be a thing of the past.

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Our pricing structure is transparent, simple and very reasonable. You'll be surprised at affordable it really is. Promise!

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